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What is the Best Video Camera to Use

For over 13 years I have used a variety of video cameras starting out from my initial Panasonic DVD Ram camera all the way up to the Professional RED Scarlet and ARRI Alexa cameras.  The price range difference is huge, so one should always go with what is financially manageable.  After all, most of us are going to shoot something that will eventually end up on a social media platform somewhere that requirements high definition compression.

Creativity and Skill is the key

Friends, family and colleagues ask me from time to time as to what is the best camera to use for shooting video.  My answer to them is always the same, “The camera you have at the time”.  Now this may seem a cheap cop out to them, but I continue to explain why.  We all own some type of camera, but it is not necessary the camera, but how we use it that shows our creativity and skill to entertain the audience.

Over 4 million viewer hits

Just to prove the point, only just the other day I received a phone call from a good friend.  He was asking me for advice on how to make a professional production studio set.  After a little while I find out that he is a YouTuber making weekly 4WD videos and getting anywhere between 50 thousand to over 4 million hits on his uploaded content!  Wow! Over 4 million hits! That just blew me away! I would be happy just to get the 50k, let alone the 4 million!

I searched for his channel and checked out his videos and sure enough, I was surprised with the quality of footage and editing.  The content was very engaging and looked mostly sharp, clear and clean.  To make things even more unbelievable, he shoots all his videos with his smart phone.  So I ask him, “Why do you use a smart phone to film your 4WD productions?” and his answer to me is, “It’s the only camera I have at the time”.

So next time you see that special moment that would make a perfect shot, grab whatever camera you have at the time and shoot.

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